Shame for IEEE, Springer Verlag, ACM, AIP, WorldScientific, Taylor and Francis, Elsevier

For more than 8 years our blog has identified that IEEE, Springer Verlag, ACM, AIP (American Institute of Physics), WorldScientific (Singapore), Taylor and Francis, Elsevier conferences are fake, bogus, scam, sham, mock and predatory. Now we have additional Proofs:


or google: IEEE 120 SCIgen Papers

The IEEE SCIgen Papers were 85 two years ago:
Several Blogs (included reported this. In 2014, these SCIgen papers in IEEE were 120.

Let''s start with the IEEE SCIGen Fake Papers of 2009. What's happened in 2009:
In 2009, we had received the following email from a girl that was working in IARIA's secretariat.

IEEE Computer Society Press sent it in January 17 (2009) to all the IEEE Sponsored, Co-Sponsored Conferences as well as to conferences
that publish their Proceedings with IEEE CS Press. It is impressive how many IEEE conferences are based on a review on the Abstract!.

John Walz: , Reisman, Sorel" ,,,
date Sat, Jan 17, 2009 at 4:03 AMsubject Confidential: Important CPS Message Regarding Fraudulent Machine-Generated Paper Submissions

TO: CPS Clients FROM: Evan Butterfield, Director of Products and Services RE: Fraudulent Machine-Generated Paper Submissions (CONFIDENTIAL) DATE: 16 January 2009

The IEEE Computer Society (CS) has evidence that multiple (IEEE) conferences are receiving machine-generated papers. In two cases, conferences have actually accepted an obviously fraudulent submission. This is a serious issue that threatens the credibility of your conference, the quality of the digital library, and the reputation of both the IEEE and CS. It requires your immediate attention. Please take this opportunity to ensure that your peer review processes are being followed, and adapt to any new requirements that may be communicated by the IEEE or the Computer Society. No conference published by CPS should rely on an abstract review. It is very important that you review carefully the full text of all papers submitted to your conference. If you have already accepted papers, your program committee should review the full text again. While CPS staff will be conducting random spot-checks of conference papers in the publishing queue, we are relying on you to authenticate the content of your proceedings. Any papers that were not actually presented at your conference need to be brought to our attention, and should receive close review. In known cases, the machine-generated origin is obvious from a reading of the first few paragraphs of the paper; the abstracts are human-generated and do not indicate the quality of the paper itself. In the past, papers have been submitted by “Herbert Schlangemann,” but be mindful that the perpetrator of this fraud will change the approach over time. In the event you discover any evidence of questionable content or behavior, please communicate that to us immediately along with an action plan for addressing the problem. Thank you for your help in maintaining the quality of our products.



From the Site:

From the site:
we have copied this information:

As you can see the following conferences are in the BLACK LIST:

BLACK LIST of Conferences and Journals

1. Any International Conference organized and any Journal issued IASTED. Many papers in the IASTED conferences were ridiculous caricatures, years ago before the MIT papers’ engine appeared. In 1987, as you remember two Professors from a small university in Japan, riduculed Dr. M. Hamza and IASTED. The tested the IASTED by sending to them 3 randomly generated talks and — unfortunately they have been accepted in IASTED Conferences. It is also well known that IASTED, Dr. Hamza, is a profit making company.

IASTED people (Dr. Hamza –the Chief, Dr. Uskov, Dr. Bourkas, Dr. Angel De Pobil) bomb us with thousand of emails (SPAM) each week.

See the links

a. IASTED for Profit Making -1

b. IASTED for Profit Making -2

c. IASTED for Profit Making -3 (Black List of Professors- IASTED Staff) d. IASTED for Profit Making -4







2. Any International Conference organized by WESSEX INSTITUTE of TECHNOLOGY that means any International Conference organized by “Prof. Carlos Brebbia”. The papers of Professor Carlos Brebbia have been checked from the Technical University of Vienna, Austria and they are fraud- papers. See the links below. For the terrific academic frauds and lies of “Prof. Carlos Brebbia”, see:




3. Any International Conference organized and any Journal issued by GESTS that means any International Conference organized by “Myungjin BAE”.

People from MIT have tested them also. Also Martin Ziegler have tested them. See this link. The tested also the GESTS Conferences by sending to Myungjin Bae two pseudo-papers from the MIT pseudo-papers’ generator and Myungjin Bae has accepted each of them immediately with “warm congratulations”.

Totally: 6 different cases of false papers and they published all !!!

Myungjin BAE uses also some names like K.Y. Lee, H.S. Hong, J.A. Choi and J.H. Lee. We do not think that these names exist really. The only real name is Myungjin BAE. The names K.Y. Lee, H.S. Hong, J.A. Choi and J.H. Lee are simply nick-names of Myungjin BAE and of his GESTS. For the terrific academic frauds and lies of Myungjin BAE, i.e. “Prof. Bae”, see:

a. gests.htm





4. Any International Conference organized and any Journal issued by IPSI. That means any International Conference organized by “Prof. Veljko Milutinovic”. Veljiko Milutinovic has accepted 5 stupid papers from the MIT papers’ generator machine. 2 of them was sent by www.anti- and other 3 by: Mathias Uslar, Vincenzo Della Mea, Teemu Hukkanen. See this link. The tested also the IPSI Conferences by sending to Veljko Milutinovic 2 pseudo-papers from the MIT generator for pseudo-papers and Veljko Milutinovic accepted each of them (2 different cases of false papers). Totally for these fakes conferences we known that they have accepted 5 randomly generated papers from the MIT machine. For the terrific academic frauds and lies of “Prof. Veljko Milutinovic”, see:




5. Any International Conference organized and any Journal issued by the so-called “International Society of Computer Science” We have tested these sin guys by sending 3 pseudo-papers also to them.

They accepted after 1 (one) day and sent us immediately instructions of how to send them our money (registration) to Turkey. Another person that tested them was: Raul Soff .See this link. This company is located in Turkey, but they have made terrific frauds also and several universities in Europe, Asia and USA added them in a black list. Now, they changed the name of their scam to “International Society of Computer Science” and “International Journal of Computer Science” because as “Enformatika” they could not sell any longer. Be aware of the pseudo-conferences of the turkish company: Enformatika.





6. Any International Conference organized by the so called Academy of Science of Hamid R. Arabnia. That means any International Conference organized by “Hamid R. Arabnia”.

Hamid Arabnia organizes 28 conferences simultaneously without reviewers and send thousand of emails (spam) to people that start:

“Congratulations! Your papers have been accepted” without having sent any paper to him. Who check the quality of these conferences?

Hamid Arabnia was one of the first that checked for his fake papers from MIT papers’ engine. Of course, the test from the anti- in the case of Hamid Arabnia was … positive. He accepted 2 stupid papers with big honors!

For the terrific academic frauds and lies of “Prof. Hamid R. Arabnia”, see:





This is the shame for IEEE

What is the Review Process in IEEE Conferences


Learn how does the IEEE accept papers from here
or read the following lines

Fake papers in many IEEE Conferences
This is an example:

It is time to learn how fake is the IEEE: IEEE = money driven society

Learn this story:

A paper titled "Towards the Simulation of E-Commerce" by Herbert Schlangemann
got accepted as a reviewed paper at the
"International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering"
and iswas for more than one month available in the IEEE Daya base:
IEEExplore. What a shame really for the IEEE!

Read the official Herbert Schlangemann Blog for details

Official review comment:

"This paper presents cooperative technology and classical Communication.
In conclusion, the result shows that though the much-touted amphibious algorithm for
the refinement of randomized algorithms is impossible, the well-known client-server
algorithm for the analysis of voice-over- IP by Kumar and Raman runs in _(n) time.
The authors can clearly identify important features of visualization of DHTs and analyze
them insightfully. It is recommended that the authors should develop ideas more cogently,
organizes them more logically, and connects them with clear transitions"

See also:

This is the truth

Later the IEEE replaced it
as follows

and later IEEE removed the bogus paper.
So, up to now more than 25 fake papers have been removed from IEEExplore

This is a shame for IEEE

Except WMSCI many fake papers appeared recently in several IEEE conferences,

Except WMSCI many fake papers appeared recently in several IEEE
conferences, because the IEEE grants its name and its logo to many local
organizers that without any review process

without reading any of the submitted papers

. It is being argued that such conferences only exist to make money out of
researchers that are looking for a simple way to publish their work

 Suddenly new publishers appeared like IARIA,
and HIGHSCI As seen from their web sites, IARIA
and HIGHSCI use the name of IEEE and the IEEE publishing services, thus
attracting numerous papers. Some people to test some conference go further and
sent the paper "A Statistical Method For Women That Can Help Our Sexual
Education" in the IEEE Conference organized by IARIA.

This paper receive automatical acceptance within a few hours with simultaneus
"command" of direct payment. Unfortunately this paper was not published because
the authors did not pay the registration fees. However the letter of acceptance
is published on the web and anybody can check it: