Shame for IEEE, Springer Verlag, ACM, AIP, WorldScientific, Taylor and Francis, Elsevier

For more than 8 years our blog has identified that IEEE, Springer Verlag, ACM, AIP (American Institute of Physics), WorldScientific (Singapore), Taylor and Francis, Elsevier conferences are fake, bogus, scam, sham, mock and predatory. Now we have additional Proofs:


or google: IEEE 120 SCIgen Papers

The IEEE SCIgen Papers were 85 two years ago:
Several Blogs (included reported this. In 2014, these SCIgen papers in IEEE were 120.

Let''s start with the IEEE SCIGen Fake Papers of 2009. What's happened in 2009:
In 2009, we had received the following email from a girl that was working in IARIA's secretariat.

IEEE Computer Society Press sent it in January 17 (2009) to all the IEEE Sponsored, Co-Sponsored Conferences as well as to conferences
that publish their Proceedings with IEEE CS Press. It is impressive how many IEEE conferences are based on a review on the Abstract!.

John Walz: , Reisman, Sorel" ,,,
date Sat, Jan 17, 2009 at 4:03 AMsubject Confidential: Important CPS Message Regarding Fraudulent Machine-Generated Paper Submissions

TO: CPS Clients FROM: Evan Butterfield, Director of Products and Services RE: Fraudulent Machine-Generated Paper Submissions (CONFIDENTIAL) DATE: 16 January 2009

The IEEE Computer Society (CS) has evidence that multiple (IEEE) conferences are receiving machine-generated papers. In two cases, conferences have actually accepted an obviously fraudulent submission. This is a serious issue that threatens the credibility of your conference, the quality of the digital library, and the reputation of both the IEEE and CS. It requires your immediate attention. Please take this opportunity to ensure that your peer review processes are being followed, and adapt to any new requirements that may be communicated by the IEEE or the Computer Society. No conference published by CPS should rely on an abstract review. It is very important that you review carefully the full text of all papers submitted to your conference. If you have already accepted papers, your program committee should review the full text again. While CPS staff will be conducting random spot-checks of conference papers in the publishing queue, we are relying on you to authenticate the content of your proceedings. Any papers that were not actually presented at your conference need to be brought to our attention, and should receive close review. In known cases, the machine-generated origin is obvious from a reading of the first few paragraphs of the paper; the abstracts are human-generated and do not indicate the quality of the paper itself. In the past, papers have been submitted by “Herbert Schlangemann,” but be mindful that the perpetrator of this fraud will change the approach over time. In the event you discover any evidence of questionable content or behavior, please communicate that to us immediately along with an action plan for addressing the problem. Thank you for your help in maintaining the quality of our products.



This is a fake IEEE Conference with more and more extensions in the deadline for paper submission.

This is a fake, bogus, junk, crappy, garbage IEEE Conference with more and more extensions in the deadline for paper submission. They have already accepted several garbage papers and they continue bombing us with spam (junk) email daily. IEEE Conferences are really bogus and IEEE knows it.
IEEE is a "good" source for spamferences i.e. conferences that are completely based on daily spamming. Help us to fight the IEEE fake conferences by making a link to this post or to forward to your friends this text by email.


2013 Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems

Krakow, Poland, 8 - 11 September, 2013

We would like to cordially invite you to contribute a paper to the
FedCSIS 2013 – a flagship international multi-conference of the
Polish Information Processing Society (PTI), organized in cooperation
with the IEEE Region 8 (Europe, Middle East and Africa); ACM SIGAPP,
SERSC: Science & Engineering Research Support soCiety, Informatics
Europe and the Asociacion de Tecnicos de Informatica, as well as the
IEEE Computer Society Chapter, and the IEEE Gdansk Computer Society
Chapter, Poland, Polish Chapter of the IEEE Computational Intelligence
Society (CIS), Comitee of the Computer Science

 of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Polish Association for Information
Systems, Lodz ACM Chapter, Polish Society for Business Informatics and
Polish Chamber of Commerce for High Technology. Please also forward
this announcement to your colleagues and associates who could be
interested in it.


Proceedings will be published in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library
(additional post-publications as determined by the individual FedCSIS
events). Since 2012, Proceedings of the FedCSIS conference are indexed
in the Thomson Reuters Web of Science.


* Wil van der Aalst, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Netherlands

- Process Mining: Making Sense of Processes Hidden in Big Event Data

* Barrett R. Bryant, University of North Texas, USA

- Grammarware, Semantics and Modelware

* Pedro Jose Marron, University of Duisburg-Essen and Fraunhofer FKIE,

- Are we Ready to Go Large-Scale? Embedded Technologies for Smart

* Marta Nagy Rothengass, European Commission, DG Communications
Networks, Content and Technology, Unit G3 - Data Value Chain

- Data Value Chain in Europe

* Jacek M. Zurada, University of Louisville, USA

2014 IEEE VP-Technical Activities (2013-Elect)

- Nonnegative Matrix Factorization and Its Application to Pattern
Analysis and Text Mining


- Paper submission: May 21, 2013

- Author notification: June 17, 2013

- Final submission and registration opening: July 8, 2013

- Conference date: September 8-11, 2013


The FedCSIS multi-conference consists of EVENTS (conferences,
workshops, consortia, tutorials, etc.), grouped into six conference

AAIA'13 - 8th International Symposium Advances in Artificial
Intelligence and Applications

* AIMA'13 - 3rd International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in
Medical Applications

* ASIR’13 - 3rd International Workshop on Advances in Semantic
Information Retrieval

* RSKD'13 - International Workshop on Rough Sets and Knowledge

* WCO'13 - 6th Workshop on Computational Optimization

* WEO-DIA'13 - 2nd Workshop on Well-founded Everyday Ontologies –
Design, Implementations & Applications

CSNS - Computer Science & Network Systems

* CANA'13 - 6th Computer Aspects of Numerical Algorithms

* MMAP'13 - 6th International Symposium on Multimedia Applications and

ECRM - Education, Curricula & Research Methods

* DS-RAIT'13 - Doctoral Symposium on Recent Advances in Information

* ISEC'13 - Information Systems Education & Curricula Workshop

iNetSApp - Innovative Network Systems and Applications

* SAMAS'13 - Strong Authentication Methods and Systems

* WSN'13 - 2nd International Conference on Wireless Sensor Networks

* SoFAST-WS'13 -2nd International Symposium on Frontiers in Network
Applications and Network Systems

IT4MBS - Information Technology for Management, Business & Society

* ABICT'13 - 4th International Workshop on Advances in Business ICT

* Agent Day'13

* AITM'13 - 11th Conference on Advanced Information Technologies for

* IT4L'13 - 2nd Workshop on Information Technologies for Logistics

* KAM'13 - 19th Conference on Knowledge Acquisition and Management

* MMT'13 - 3rd Workshop on Modeling Multi-commodity Trade: Towards
Smart Systems

* TAMoCo'13 - Techniques and Applications for Mobile Commerce

SSD&A - Software Systems Development & Applications

* ATSE'13 - 4th International Workshop Automating Test Case Design,
Selection and Evaluation

* IWCPS'13 - International Workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems

* PBDA'13 - Performance of Business Database Applications

* WAPL'13 - 4th Workshop on Advances in Programming Languages


Papers should be submitted by May 21, 2013. Only papers presented at
the conference will be included in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library
proceedings entitled: "2013 Federated Conference on Computer Science
and Information Systems (FedCSIS)." The IEEE proceedings will be
published under nonexclusive copyright. The Events' organizers arrange
quality journals, edited volumes, etc. and may invite selected
extended and revised papers for post-conference publications
(information can be found at the websites of individual events).

Proceedings will be submitted for indexation by following citation
index services:

* Thomson Reuters Conference Proceedings Citation Index

* The DBLP Computer Science Bibliography

* Scirus (Elsevier)


* The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Inspec

* getCITED: Academic research, citation reports and discussion lists

* as well as other databases

Chairs of FedCSIS Conference Series

Maria Ganzha, Leszek A. Maciaszek, Marcin Paprzycki

Contact FedCSIS at:>

FedCSIS on Facebook:

This is a fake, bogus, junk, crappy, garbage IEEE Conference with more and more extensions in the deadline for paper submission. They have already accepted several garbage papers and they continue bombing us with spam (junk) email daily. IEEE Conferences are really bogus and IEEE knows it.
IEEE is a "good" source for spamferences i.e. conferences that are completely based on daily spamming. Help us to fight the IEEE fake conferences by making a link to this post or to forward to your friends this text by email.


  1. I am graduating from one of the top schools in Korea and applying for Ph.D. in MIT/Stanford/Yale. Publications at Masters degree are vital to get admission/assistantship at Ph.D. in these schools. My publication in
    WORLDCOMP (Hamid Arabnia's conference) was really very good but the conference’s worst reputation is spoiling my chances. I made a
    terrible mistake by choosing WORLDCOMP. Google: "Arabnia Fake Conference" for more information. Can I resubmit this paper to another conference/journal?
    What can I do if many IEEE or ACM co-sponsored conferences, especially IEEE conferences in China, Malaysia and Australia are absolutely fake?

  2. We provided some comparisons between Hamid Arabnia and Bernard Madoff (search his name in the internet if the link didn't work). Although this section is technically less important than other sections, we hope it will help you to understand the damage Hamid Arabnia has done to the society and to understand Hamid Arabnia's smartness.

    Both Hamid Arabia and Bernard Madoff started “fake schemes” just to make money. So, in terms of financial goal, they both are equal.

    In terms of damage done to society, Hamid Arabnia is superior to Bernard Madoff. Hamid Arabnia produced thousands of “researchers” (ie., authors who published papers in WORLDCOMP) and many of these authors do not know how to do research (see Attachment-1). These “researchers” got jobs because of their publications (in WORLDCOMP) and these researchers are now working for universities, research labs, governments, etc. and continue spoiling the society. That is, Hamid Arabnia created a damage that will impact us for several generations (probably for forever).

    In terms of smartness, Hamid Arabnia is 1000 times superior to Bernard Madoff because:

    (i). Bernard Madoff just cheated ordinary people while Hamid Arabnia cheated researchers and scientists (the most intelligent/smart people on this planet!?).

    (ii). Bernard Madoff chose a risky path to cheat the people (from the beginning, he knows that he will be arrested at any time) but Hamid Arabnia chose a safe path. Hamid Arabnia knows that he will not go to jail unless FBI arrests him for bringing fake scientists to the USA or for similar reasons (he still is not in a jail!)

    (iii). Hamid Arabnia used the University of Georgia (UGA), a public university, as a mask to cover-up his scam by listing UGA name along with his name everywhere. Bernard Madoff had no such mask.

    In terms of visibility of the damage, Bernard Madoff did direct damage to the society and that's why, he became so notorious and has all his details published at public websites such as his Wikipedia page . However, Hamid Arabnia did indirect damage and that's why his Wikipedia page has no information about his scam (you can edit this page with his scam information but Hamid Arabnia's gang will remove your comments quickly. Try it if you can!)

    In conclusion, Hamid Arabnia is far better than Mr. Madoff in scamming and cheating the public. Hamid Arabnia is “Dr. Madoff”!